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Dental Care For Your Children

Dental Care for ChildrenIt is important to teach your child the importance of dental health and hygiene at an early age to help protect your child from dental problems in the future.  Teeth can come in as early as four months of age and should be cleaned daily as soon as the first tooth erupts.  Brushing with a soft bristle tooth brush or even swabbing with a wash cloth is essential preventative care.  Parents should help their toddlers brush their teeth to ensure the teeth are receiving a complete cleaning.  Once your toddler is capable of brushing their teeth independently, we recommend you supervise their brushing to make sure the teeth are being cleaned thoroughly.  In addition to teeth cleaning we advise parents not to give your child bottles in bed, and to limit the amount of sugar-rich food and drink that is consumed.

We recommend you set your child's first dental appointment at three years of age followed by 6 month check ups.  At Shenandoah Family Dentistry, you will find we offer a kid friendly environment and we strive to make each visit positive, stress free and educational.

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