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Teeth Whitening Services

Teeth whitening is a procedure that is recommended not only to those with very discolored teeth but also to those who just want to brighten their smiles. Most people when asked, "What is one thing you would change about your appearance?" they usually say they want whiter teeth or to improve their smiles. Having a beautiful, white smile gives you a major boost of confidence. Shenandoah Family Dentistry offers safe and reasonably priced teeth whitening procedures for anyone who is interested in achieving the pearly whites that they are dreaming of.

What teeth whitening procedure should you go through?

There are several teeth whitening procedures. Good dental clinics, such as Shenandoah Family Dentistry, offer customized teeth whitening solutions. You will get customized care according to the condition of your teeth. Your lifestyle and teeth sensitivity are also considered. It is actually possible for you and a family member to have completely different procedures. Recommendations will range from referral of an over-the-counter product to our in-office deep bleaching technique. It is also possible for one patient to be recommended the full in-office whitening procedure and for another to be given a take home treatment. A good cosmetic dentist will tell you if you have reached the ideal shade. If you go further, you may risk getting unnaturally white teeth, which may be as bad as having discolored teeth. If you go to Shenandoah Family Dentistry Practice, you will be assured of getting just the right customized service to achieve the right shade of teeth.

Most people feel they could use some teeth whitening. Years of eating and drinking things like wine, tea and coffee (even with regular brushing) can take their toll. Coffee drinkers and smokers are more likely to experience teeth staining. Unfortunately, not all staining can be prevented by proper dental hygiene. By simply aging, your teeth can become darker. Adult teeth are, in fact, darker than baby teeth. Further discoloration occurs as you get older and as your teeth's mineral structure changes.

Do I have anything to worry about?

Teeth whitening is a safe and reliable procedure. You can trust that our dentists have more than enough skills to deliver the results you desire. Some of the risks with teeth whitening is esthetic, though. For example, under a less skilled dentist, your teeth can end up over-bleached. It has been mentioned earlier that teeth that are too white are also unattractive. There is also a risk of "rebound". Rebound refers to the loss of the bleaching effect. If you do not want to have to worry about any of the mentioned risks, go to Shenandoah Family Dentistry for your teeth whitening procedures.
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